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Let’s Talk Visionary Velocity

Max Nirenberg and Commit’s Forward-Thinking Tech Vision

Let’s talk about Visionary Velocity. The concept symbolizes the pathway to development success and innovation for Max Nirenberg, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and Managing Director for North America for Commit. The firm commits to transforming clients’ tech vision into high-quality outcomes but is still somewhat of a new player in the United States. The Israeli-born company aims to expand its global presence, where Nirenberg’s push to build awareness locally is symbolic of a “shift in the world”, in which the implementation of technology-centric innovation is almost mandatory for a company’s survival. Visionary Velocity affirms Commit’s position as the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Systems Integrator Partner of the Year in Israel, reflecting on past success but ensuring a mindful mentality in the future.

“As the tech landscape evolves, we evolve with it, embracing the opportunities and leading ourselves and our clients into an area of limitless possibilities” – Max Nirenberg, Chief Revenue Officer and Managing Director for North America.

Foresight and forward-thinking strategies are critical in building and maintaining a business. Visionary Velocity sustains its value by empowering visionaries to shape a better world, and Commit helps along the way. Since the pandemic of 2020, people have become more comfortable working under the outsourced categorization, Nirenberg asserts. Commit has over 700 multi-disciplinary innovation specialists worldwide, from the U.S. to Latin America and Israel to Europe, each with the experience and mentality to push your brand forward. 

Commit is not a marketing firm promising results and worrying about how to get them later. They are a technology firm that is inclusive, directive, and supportive at all stages of business evolution, building businesses and aligning strategic tech innovation with mindfulness for growing companies seeking adaptive strategies in a competitive global space.  

Max Nirenberg holds firm in the belief that leveraging technology changes the world. Visionaries excel in understanding the dynamics of a situation and adapting. In contrast, the Visionary Velocity mindset conceptualizes how to bridge the gap between technology and progress instead of fearing that technology is a replacement for human actors. 

Are you a visionary? Do you want to build a scalable product? Commit knows how to get you there – it is “not purely a tech thing” – Commit is not purely a tech company. Understanding the crossroads of business, product, and technology is part of their winning ingredient. Who is leading in building this business? Who is backing it? What is its purpose? It’s a customer-centric approach to product development that champions innovation and values curiosity. Question everything because that’s how innovation happens. The passion for a visionary approach to innovative solutions is their agenda, mission, and Nirenberg’s philosophy since joining the firm three years ago. 

Commit has over 30 Unicorns in its portfolio. Founded in 2005, Commit’s proof of concept and visionary excellence in the tech industry presents a strong track record of excellence in value, service, and orientation. The North American client may be unfamiliar with their Secret Sauce, the proprietary Flexible R&D delivery model enabling Commit’s “multi-disciplinary experts to become an integrated part of your team.“ The results are inherent to the value and commitment their team exudes. Experience and mindset are both critical for repeatable success.

Max Nirenberg exemplifies the mentorship and leadership qualities that are essential in today’s fast-paced technological landscape. His approach goes beyond satisfying clients; it inspires a culture of innovation, forward-thinking, and customer obsession. Nirenberg’s leadership is marked by his ability to forecast future trends and imbue his team with the vision and skills necessary to navigate and leverage these trends effectively. This is evident in how Commit, under his guidance, has positioned itself as a service partner in innovation for its clients.

Visionary Velocity encapsulates the essence of rapidly moving towards a future where technology and human ingenuity merge seamlessly. This approach is not just about adopting new technologies but about understanding how these technologies can be harnessed to create a better world. The mentor and leader of the North American region for Commit sees technology as an enabler, a tool that, when used wisely, can enhance human capabilities and open up new horizons.

“Together, we will shape a future where technology becomes a powerful catalyst for growth, enabling remarkable achievements that pave the way towards a world where the extraordinary becomes the new standard.” – Max Nirenberg.

Under Nirenberg’s leadership, Commit has shown an unwavering commitment to this philosophy. The visionary pathway is not just about delivering technological solutions; it’s about shaping an ecosystem where technology is used as a force for positive change. Nirenberg’s vision is clear – to create a world where technology is embraced as a partner in progress, not feared as a substitute for in-house talent. This vision, coupled with Nirenberg’s leadership qualities, makes Commit a true disruptor in the tech industry, driving toward a future where technology and humanity coexist in harmony for the betterment of the world.

Max Nirenberg, Commit’s Chief Revenue Officer and Managing Director for North America


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