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Hope is not a strategy. We embrace Visionary Velocity, a core concept that fuels our relentless pursuit of innovation and business excellence.



with Commit 

Our Story

Pioneers Since 2005 

Commit is an AWS Premier Tier services partner, enabling tech innovation as your business evolves. 

With a rich history dating back 18 years and a global presence that spans offices in New York,

Israel, Europe, and Latin America, we've emerged as a hub of innovation. 

Our complete and comprehensive engineering powerhouse helps to transform our clients’ technology vision

into high-quality products while reducing costs and improving time-to-market. From ideation to production and scale, our tech services cover cloud architecture, migrations & optimization, software, SaaS and IoT development, big data pipelines, cyber security, and 24/7 managed services.

Visionary Velocity is more than just a term for us; it's our core philosophy. It represents our commitment to driving innovation, pushing the boundaries of technology, and ensuring our clients remain ahead in their respective industries.

Our Core


Visionary Velocity

With over 700+ multi-disciplinary innovation experts on our team, Commit brings a unique blend of skills and expertise to the table. We serve a broad range of companies, from small startups to large enterprises, across multiple business sectors


Innovation Experts


Our impressive portfolio includes over 30 Unicorns—companies valued at over $1 billion— whose journey has been powered by Commit's innovative solutions.

30 Unicorns

and Counting


Meet The Team 

US Leadership Team 

Max Nirenberg is our Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and Managing Director (MD) for North America, leveraging over two decades of experience in sales and sales management, particularly in IT services and tech. Formerly the global Chief Sales Officer for the world's largest pure-play QA organization, Max now leads and optimizes our sales organization while spearheading strategic management planning for global account management teams. His primary focus is on promoting client-centricity and aligning our offerings with each end-client's ultimate business drivers and strategic goals.

CRO & MD North America

Max Nirenberg

Nathan Cayzer is our Chief Customer Officer, bringing over 20 years of international software market experience. Nathan's customer-centric focus ensures success for Commit's global clients, bridging business needs and software implementation. With a background at Open TV, including roles as COO at Commit, Nathan leads strategic customers, product characterization, and global project implementation. Nathan holds an Interdisciplinary Honors Program BA from Haifa University.

Chief Customer Officer

Nathan Cayzer

Amanda Taylor is our Head of Revenue Operations, steering predictable revenue, transparency, operational efficiency, and a collaborative culture. With a wealth of international experience supporting sales, marketing, and operational teams in software development and professional services, Amanda has a proven track record. In her previous roles, she spearheaded the launch of a major quality assurance vendor into India, established a global PMO, drove technology adoption, and oversaw Ameripac-based sales operations. Amanda's expertise ensures streamlined operations and a strategic approach to revenue growth.

Head of Revenue Operations

Amanda Taylor

Dante Martinez, our Vice President of Solutions Architecture for North America, is a seasoned master Solutions Architect with 25+ years of experience. Proficient in designing, building, and supporting IT environments, Dante excels at creating well-architected solutions for businesses' technical challenges. His superb presentation skills effectively translate technical solutions for executives, while his strong networking and sales expertise drive opportunities, sales, and recurring revenue on AWS. With a focus on DevOps, software delivery, and MLOps, Dante's future areas include data science and AI/ML, with the goal of becoming an AWS Ambassador.

Vice President, Solutions Architecture, North America

Dante Martinez

Nikita Khripunov, our Head of North American Cloud Sales, is an experienced sales professional with a demonstrated history in the information technology and services industry. His expertise includes Microsoft Word, WordPress, Agile Methodologies, Adobe Creative Suite, and Public Speaking. Nikita brings a strong sales acumen to our team, ensuring excellence in cloud sales strategies and client engagements.

Head of North American Cloud Sales

Nikita Khripunov

Adi Yazdi Danenberg is our Vice President of Marketing, a seasoned global marketer with over two decades of experience leading marketing operations in dynamic B2B enterprises. Adi specializes in developing marketing strategies, communications, branding, and go-to-market strategies, bringing her expertise to Commit's marketing division. With a rich background encompassing corporates, investment funds, startups, and legal and financial firms, Adi is a valuable asset to our team.

VP Marketing

Adi Yazdi Danenberg

Our Founders

Arik Faingold

Arik, a serial entrepreneur, and co-founder of both Commit and the unicorn Pentera, brings over 25 years of experience in the technology and entrepreneurial sectors. He possesses a robust drive to identify new business opportunities and an unwavering commitment to the success and growth of the companies he leads. Arik excels in building companies from the ground up, contributing to their growth, and creating innovative high-tech products. Prior to his role at Commit, Arik served as the CTO and GM of Open TV Israel, a division of Open TV Global. Earlier in his career, he co-founded and served as the CTO of Open Gaming, specializing in gaming platforms and real-time transaction management. Arik holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya, and an Executive MBA (cum laude) from Tel Aviv University, Israel.

President & Chairman

Arik Faingold

Idan Faingold

Idan Faingold, the co-founder of Commit alongside Anatoly Koushnir and Ohad Dallal, has been at the helm as CEO since 2005. With a background steeped in the IT and Communication arena, Idan spent nearly a decade in the software unit of the Israeli Air Force, managing Security and Data Communication. His military career included holding several senior management positions, leading large-scale, cutting-edge technology projects. Idan holds a BA in Computer Science from the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo, where he is also a senior lecturer in the fields of IT and Communication. Additionally, he is a graduate of the Israel Defense Force’s (IDF) Mamram (Center for Computing and Information Systems).


Idan Faingold

Global Team

CIO & Cloud Division Lead

Lior Bialik

Co-Founder, VP of Managed Services

Ohad Dallal

VP of Product Management

Nogah Miloslavsky Hendler

Co-Founder & CTO

Anatoly Koushnir

CEO of Commit Data (Valinor)

David Lurie

VP of HR

Lena Nedorez Mezamer

VP of Big Data (CEO of Twingo)

Golan Nahum

AWS Lead Delivery Architect

Leonid Rabinovich

CEO of Commit Embedded

Udi Rasiuk

CEO of Commit Software

Alex Snitkovsky

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