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Welcome to Commit's world of innovation, where we turn ideas into incredible digital experiences using the latest technology. Our comprehensive services span design, development, and analytics to collaboratively create your next-generation product.

App & IoT Development

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APp & IoT

Complex Challenges, Our Expertise:

The more complex, the better! Our unique PMO methodologies enable us to solve technical challenges at scale, concurrently managing multiple clients and partners. Trust us to resolve complexities and meet hard delivery deadlines, giving you a competitive edge.

Mobile App Development Excellence:

Delivering exceptional mobile products involves understanding genuine needs, translating them into Business Requirements & UI/UX, and writing flexible, documented, and long-lasting code. Commit is your partner for success.

Powerhouse Complete Tailored Solutions

Leverage our 700+ in-house developers with expertise in React Native, Flutter, React, Angular, and more. As well as our dedicated divisions in Software, AI, Embedded, IoT, Cloud, Big Data, Cyber, Communications, BI/Analytics, and more. Our teams across Israel, Europe, and the US ensure app development that helps you lead the market.

IoT Solutions

As IoT solution providers, we seamlessly connect Software, Devices, and Cloud to deliver spectacular solutions. Our blend of software, AI, embedded systems, Cloud, Big Data, and Cyber experts tackles complex business challenges, unlocking the full potential of IoT.

Rapid Scaling, On-Time,

On Budget

Cloud of People

Elevating Your Team

Support and Growth without Hassle

Engage our skilled engineers for end-to-end turnkey projects or staff augmentation, bolstering your in-house efforts with a Cloud of People. No-Hassle, No-Risk! We meticulously screen, interview, and recruit a team of at least 5 top-notch talents within two weeks. With Hassle-Free Operations, we will take care of all HR processes, including onboarding and team forming. 

Rapid Scaling for Agility

Experience rapid scaling from 0 to 20 resources in just 2 weeks! Acquire a quality team of 5+ experts covering front end, back end, full stack, and QA from Israel, Europe, and Latin America.

Multi-Disciplinary Expertise

Tap into advanced expertise in React, Angular, NodeJS, Python, Java, .Net, and more. Our diverse skill set ensures we have the right people for your unique project needs.

Confidence in Your Team

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you're not pleased with any team member, they are replaced, and we won't charge you for their time.

Flexible R&D

Your vision

our Flexible R&D.

Your company has to move forward. You have to deliver in budget, on time, and outsmart any possible competition.
CommIT provides ADDed value to your business by utilizing resources intelligently, adhering to cost-efficiency and delivering at an incomparable Time-to-Market.

Customer-Centric Core/Flex Model:

Our Flexible R&D model adapts to your product build, ensuring you get the right resources at the right time. Pay only for the experts you are currently utilizing with the flexibility to bring back benched resources as needed.

Talk to Our Experts

Our Added Value


Asking the Right Questions

Our product designers and project managers have 360° vision and vast experience. They will sit with you to define what features and platform fit your vision. With in-depth foresight they will challenge business assumptions and present possible obstacles. At the end of this process, they will present a full roadmap to success, with features and technologies, budget and time frame all laid out for you.


Guiding Innovation Flexibly

Development projects are an ever-changing ecosystem. Using the scoping process, our product management experts guide your innovation, adapting size, scope and focus as needs evolve. This flexibility in determining the mix and number of experts deployed throughout your project allows for transparent and complete control of both budget and timetables. Together, we will manage the R&D risks, to optimally support marketing, sales, and market penetration efforts.


Multi-Vertical Expertise

The leading system house of the Start-Up Nation, Commit has over 700 experts with a multitude of specialties and experiences. These multi-vertical experts work together, thinking out of the box to create new, cutting-edge ideas, methods and technologies. Scaling up and down is the hardest part of managing a development project. Flexible R&D means seamless transitioning between the various cycles and stages of your project. A fully transparent bi-weekly budget keeps your finger on the pulse while the project

moves forward.

IoT solutions
‘R’ in R&D

 Proven Excellence

Our Flexible R&D model adapts to your product build, ensuring you get the right resources at the right time. Pay only for the experts you are currently utilizing with the flexibility to bring back benched resources as needed.

Diverse Global Offshore Centers:

Quality People, Fast and Affordable

Benefit from our Diverse Offshore Centers, where we find quality people at a great price. With delivery centers in Israel, Eastern Europe, and Latin America, we ensure proximity and efficiency in delivering solutions tailored to your needs.

Mobile app development

Customers and Success Stories

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