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Commit: Resilience and Growth in a Challenging 2023

Despite the significant hardships of 2023 worldwide, including widespread layoffs, a decline in startup investment, and global conflicts, Commit remained steadfast in its commitment to technological advancement and talent acquisition. Fueled by a core belief in a "can-do" attitude and a dedication to innovation, we strategically invested in both resources throughout the year.

This commitment yielded impressive results. Commit experienced significant growth, expanding our team by over 100 employees. We achieved a remarkable 200% increase in North American revenue and a substantial 50% growth in global cloud-related revenue. Notably, Commit was recognized for its excellence by being named AWS SI Partner of the Year in Israel.

Looking ahead, Commit is poised for continued expansion. We are strategically entering new markets and establishing a presence in the United Kingdom and Canada. Throughout this expansion, we will remain dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, prioritizing "customer obsession" in all our interactions.

We wish to extend our sincere gratitude to the MarketDaily team for acknowledging Commit's achievements. We are incredibly proud of our team's dedication and resilience and are confident that we will continue to achieve great things together in 2024.


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