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Secure SaaS Protecting Your Busines

Commit Launches New Solution: SecureSaaS - Protecting Your Business in the Cloud

Commit is honored to announce our selection for high-value government projects worth millions of shekels. As part of the Nimbos initiative, we are leading the charge in transitioning government ministries and public bodies to the cloud. We are delighted to welcome the Ministry of Justice and Rafael, joining the Law Enforcement and Collection System Authority and Ayalon Highways in this transformative endeavor.

This achievement showcases our commitment to delivering top-notch services and our extensive experience in the public and defense sectors. Our track record, expertise, and dedication have made us the premier choice for government bodies. We are proud to contribute to modernizing government operations and improving service delivery.

By embracing the cloud, we empower government entities to streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and provide efficient public services. We are grateful for the trust placed in us and excited to embark on these significant projects. Together, we will shape the future of government operations, driving innovation and cost savings.

Stay tuned for updates as we pioneer advancements in cloud technology for the public sector. Commit remains dedicated to delivering exceptional results and creating a more connected and efficient government for all.


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