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Commit USA Explores Exciting Ventures with AWS Teams in Toronto!

Our recent rendezvous with the AWS startup and SMB teams in Toronto was nothing short of amazing! It's been a journey of growth and collaboration since Commit first embarked on its AWS motion in North America 2.5 years ago.

Reminiscing back to those early days at re:Invent, where the seeds of partnership were sown at the startup booth with Raza Syed. Raza's immediate grasp of our story and vision set the stage for what has become a flourishing partnership. Raza, you ignited something truly remarkable!

Fast forward to the present, and the fruits of our labor are evident as we've established a strong presence in the US startup scene. Now, with Raza at the helm as the DM for SMB in Canada, the timing couldn't be more perfect to expand our team and deepen our collaboration with AWS.

As we set our sights on replicating the global success we've experienced in Canada, let's not forget to infuse every step of the journey with fun and camaraderie. Here's to many more milestones and adventures ahead!

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