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Commit’s Cloud Pro·Active provides support, control, oversight and comprehensive management for all business activities hosted on the cloud.  This multi-level, multi-disciplinary 24/7 operation consists of over 200 experts, delivering an end-to-end solution for all organizations, from start-up to enterprise, at inception of activities or at full maturity, on AWS and in any environment. 

Managed Services
Cloud Pro·Active

AWS managed service provider partner

To ensure constant, secure and reliable service, Cloud Pro·Active provides:

SLA-driven technical operations

Monitoring availability and performance during off-hours, holidays and vacations

Maintaining highly secured environments, to be regulation-compliant

Creating and supporting automated IT environments

Tracking resource consumption to keep environments cost-efficient

Creating service intelligence by collecting business-relevant information

Implementing and maintaining continuity plans

as a Service

24/7 Event monitoring, Customer support, Operational reports, Technical account manager

Backup as a Service

Restore from backup, Restore drill, Backup review

as a Service

Migrate to DR site, DR drill for infrastructure, DR maintenance,

DR procedure updat

DevOps as a Service

App deployments, Create software & OS update levels, Update deploy scripts, Maintain deploy tools. Creating containerized environments

as a Service

24/7 cyber monitoring, Cyber incident response, Threat intelligence feeds, SIEM optimization & enrichment

SecOps as a Service

Patch management, Security compliance, Global vulnerability assessment, Risk management,

Endpoint protection

as a Service

24/7 DB monitoring & support, Database improvements, Code review and version upload support

as a Service

Cost optimization,

Cost analysis & reports

Our Services

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