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State of Tech Staffing

As a global software development powerhouse, Commit is dedicated
to staying on the cutting edge, learning about senior tech leaders’ viewpoints on staffing in today’s landscape, and receiving the insights directly from decision makers.

In this survey, you’ll learn about the trends of outsourcing software developers in 2022 from senior tech leaders of startups.

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How Tech Start-Ups
Are Handling Talent Shortages

The Benefits of Remote
Work and Talent Sourcing

The Future of Work – from Talent Supply to Demand Issues 

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Who did we interview?

We asked 200 senior tech leaders of US startups
about their current recruitment and management troubles,
how they currently conduct staffing, what they see as the benefits
of remote tech teams, and much more!

 200 Senior
Tech Leaders

VPs, & more

Seed, Round A,
& Round B startups

Companies with an
investment of $1M
or more

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“While finding the right skillsets is essential, it is also vital to consider the hidden costs of lengthy recruitment processes, as well as inevitable challenges like rapid turnover. To address these obstacles, organizations need new strategies for outsourcing and tech team building that enable rapid onboarding of quality talent with reduced risk.”

Arik Faingold, President and Chairman of Commit

Key Findings

The True Cost
of Staffing

The time required to recruit quality talent – as well as the seemingly inevitable turnover – carries significant hidden costs which many organizations are not prepared for, per Commit’s study

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Of senior technology
and HR leaders today
recognize the benefits
of remote teams

Of them (3 out of 4)
are seeing an increase
in productivity from
their remote staff

Outsourcing for software development is expected to increase by 70% between 2022 and 2023

This is especially true for startups, who now face enormous growth potential but struggle to scale quickly and efficiently

Senior Managers Diverge on The Benefits of Outsourcing 

Outsourcing tech talent is becoming an essential ingredient for success, but the benefits are perceived differently across roles and organizations

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