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Commit , a leading innovation center established in 2005, has over 500 specialists in software, hardware, IoT, Big Data, cyber, cloud and communications services who enable it to provide its customers with cutting-edge turn-key-solutions. Among the services offered is the brilliant Flexible R&D methodology which enables startups to outsource their development but still utilize top-of-the-line experts at every stage. In addition, during the development process, your company has the option to scale up/down every two weeks without missing a beat. That means both cost-effectiveness (when compared to in-house development) and rapid Time-to-Market.

* The IP belong to the client, i.e. the startup company

Rapid Time-to-Market

We combine quick initiation with smart resources utilization to get your idea market-ready in the quickest and most cost-effective way possible.

Maximum Budgetary

A fully transparent bi-weekly budget keeps your finger on the pulse while the project moves forward.

Innovation Delivery: Multi-Vertical Expertise

Multi-vertical experts work together, thinking out of the box to create new, cutting edge ideas, methods and technologies.

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