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A Modern Approach to
Building Successful Development Teams

Driving the future of tech research and development
Commit the leading global tech services company, has created a revolutionary new staffing solution:

The service addresses the most critical challenges companies face when hiring
engineers and tech specialists, applying the rapid scalability and flexibility seen in cloud technology,
to quickly build successful dev teams, while reducing time and costs.

Just as cloud infrastructure has rapidly changed the way storage is managed and
services are deployed, organizations need a new concept for implementing tech talent.
They must streamline HR processes to quickly build quality teams at scale, mitigate risk
and adopt new ways to support collaboration.

A Modern Approach to
Building Successful Development Teams


Team building ensures that
premium talent is hired for
a two-week trial period
with zero risk

Rapid Scaling

Teams can be rapidly scaled
from zero to 20 expert
resources in just two weeks

Hassle-free staffing

All HR processes,
including onboarding and team-forming, are handled by Commit

Multi-Disciplinary Expertise

Access to over 600+ experts
spread across divisions dedicated to software,embedded IoT, cloud,
cyber,data and more

Customer-centric model

Onshore Account Management (Sales/Client Partner/RevOps) ensures continuous improvement and attention


Team building ensures that
premium talent is hired for
a two-week trial period
with zero risk

Commit presents: Cloud of People

Get a dedicated team of 5+ senior highly skilled software developers within 2 weeks

Support your in-house efforts and enable growth – No-Hassle, No-Risk!
We will screen, interview and recruit for you a team of at least 5 top-notch talents within two weeks.
If you’re not satisfied we simply will not charge you.

Rapid Scaling

Rapid Scaling

We can scale from 0 to 20 resources in 2 weeks! You get a quality team of 5+ experts from Israel, Europe and Latin America, including front end, back end, full stack and even QA.

Multi-Disciplinary Expertise

Multi-Disciplinary Expertise

With advanced expertise in React, Angular, NodeJS, Python, Java, .Net and more, we have the right people for you.



All the HR processes, including onboarding and team-forming are on us.



If you don’t like members of the team, they are replaced and we don’t charge you for their time.

How we do it

Engage our skilled engineers in end-to-end turnkey projects
or staff augmentation for existing teams.

Cloud of People

With over 650 in-house engineers across Israel, Europe and Latin America

we have the infrastructure to identify the best engineering talent on the planet

so we can build for you a team of 5+ senior software developers within two weeks.

Flexible R&D

A core/flex model that is customer centric.

Get the right resources at the right time, depending on your product build.

Only pay for experts you are currently utilizing with the ability to bring back benched resources when and as they are needed.


A complete and comprehensive team of experts under one roof.

Intentionally designed to support
every product iteration

Divisions dedicated to: Software, Embedded, IoT, Cloud, Big Data, Cyber, Communications, BI/Analytics and more.

'R' in R&D

Over 1,200 projects designed, implemented and delivered.

Make the right choices prior to development to ensure predictable outcomes.

Co-create, don’t re-invent the wheel.


Diverse offshore centers

Find quality people – fast and at a great price.

4x the size of most competitors – large enough to scale, small enough to care.

Delivery centers in Israel, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

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