February 1, 2021

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Commit is a global tech services company with offices in New York, Israel, and Ukraine. The company was founded in 2005 and has delivered over 1,200 projects with a team of 500+ multidisciplinary innovation experts who serve a broad range of companies from small startups to large enterprises in multiple business sectors including Finance, Healthcare, Consumer Goods, MarTech and more.

Commit offers innovative, end-to-end, cutting edge technology solutions by developing custom software and IoT platforms for clients looking to build their next gen product. Commit’s complete and comprehensive engineering powerhouse of resources and proprietary Flexible R&D™ methodology helps transform their clients’ technology vision into high-quality products while reducing costs and improving time-to-market. Due to its ability to rapidly scale resources based on project needs, Commit benefits larger customers who can manage staffing more efficiently, while 91% of the startup projects it engages launch successfully into their market. Areas of expertise include Software, IoT, Mobile Apps, and Big Data.

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