August 16, 2021

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Data Warehouse Modernization: Amazon Redshift - Valinor by Commit

Data is the most important asset of any organization and using it for generating game-changing insights is crucial. That is why, especially in the ever-evolving cloud world, companies have to be sure their data platforms are best suited to their business needs and can ensure they stay a step ahead of the competition. Companies are facing ever increasing data challenges in terms of availability, volume and sources, as they have to rapidly deliver data-driven value to end-customers.

Since data handling is highly complex, the risks involved could include many aspects, such as underestimating the resources needed which could easily lead to downtime and increased costs. Insufficient analysis of the conversion and data cleansing scope needed could even create major obstacles to continuous business performance.

For many organizations, this means that they have to shift a significant portion – if not their entire – data platform from a legacy system such as SQL Server and Oracle – and even from MySQL and PostgreSQL – to a modernized environment. To do so, they must choose prudently which cloud computing and modern analytic tools allow them to make the most from their data in a robust pipeline which is also cost-efficient.

Valinor by Commit has the experience and expertise you need to ensure your data runs smoothly, reliably, and securely, by migrating your data warehouse to Amazon Redshift. This fast, simple, cost-effective data warehousing service delivers 10X faster performance at 1/10th the cost of traditional data warehouses and features enhanced data quality and governance.

Our data engineers combine their knowledge and experience with the advanced AWS services to analyze your current cloud architecture and data environment, and to plan the steps needed to rapidly and successfully migrate data warehousing workloads, whether running on traditional technologies, such as SQL Server and Oracle, or on open-source technologies, such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. To ensure business continuity, they will also recommend what measures need to be taken to complete the migration to Amazon Redshift with zero downtime.

Thanks to over 15 years’ experience in data platforms, Valinor by Commit is aware of the need to continually improve performance while lowering costs. With the AWS Data and Analytics competency and experience in designing and delivering advanced data platform solutions, we will provide you with a tailored solution that is scalable, reliable and secure.

This Data Platform Modernization solution will provide you with the ability to process and analyze larger amounts of data:

  • Faster results by automating the data pipeline
  • Reduced efforts in building new data integration jobs
  • Highly improved performance with zero licensing costs
  • Cost-efficiency

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