September 8, 2022

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In this Trending Tech Podcast: Digital Transformation podcast episode, Max Nirenberg joins Jeremy Cowan and Peter Bowen.

If a boom goes on too long, Elon Musk says you get a misallocation of capital, “it starts raining money on fools." True success depends on having the necessary skills to create innovative products, as Max Nirenberg, CEO of Commit USA tells Jeremy Cowan. IT consultant Peter Bowen shares a couple of horror stories with critical lessons for all of us planning digital transformations. And just as much of the world is heading into recession, Max tells Trending Tech Podcast how startups are still raising billions of dollars in new funding.

More About Max Nirenberg

Max’s role at Commit is to lead and optimize the sales organization and spearhead strategic management planning for the global account management teams. His primary focus is to introduce the company’s delivery capabilities to the US market.

Max’s background includes serving as the global CSO for Qualitest – the world’s largest independent, pure-play quality assurance company. While at Qualitest, he helped sell the organization in its latest Private Equity round in 2019. Prior to Qualitest, he was an Equity Partner and VP Sales/Professional Services at Venator Sales Group -providing sales consulting, optimization, and training that dramatically improves sales performance, sales management, and sales recruitment.

Max brings 20 years of sales and sales management experience within numerous market verticals, while managing sales, account management, and telemarketing teams globally, helping build start-ups from the ground up, and consulting for multiple IT Services and SaaS companies. He has a wealth of experience implementing sales management processes that build and sustain winning sales cultures. Max believes in a hands-on approach to creating a disciplined and proactive sales environment. As a sales leader and manager, he applies his experience and knowledge to coach each individual to achieve optimal career success while being customer-centric and aligning offerings to every end client’s ultimate business drivers and strategic goals.

More About Commit

Founded in 2005, Commit is a global tech services company with offices in New York, Israel, and Ukraine.

Commit’s development areas include mobile, IoT, Big Data, communications and other applications, embedded systems and IoT devices, cloud solutions, cyber and security solutions, advanced algorithms for AI, media and interactive platforms, and more.

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