July 29, 2021

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The advantages that SaaS as a delivery model has brought to the forefront cannot be ignored. With increased levels of innovation, agility, internal communications and operational efficiency, more and more companies are adopting this model as their modus operandi in order to hasten their time to market while delivering on their business objectives. That said, the steps entailed to shift from the older legacy or even older cloud models to a SaaS model are quite transformational. It can touch every aspect of your business, from IT to management, from developers to finance and from QA to your analysts. When utilizing this model you may have to rethink how your product is presented in the market, how it is sold, how it is monetized and more. With so many considerations companies face when making this shift to SaaS, Commit developed a workshop that would ease the transformation and present the key questions that need to be asked to create a roadmap for this journey.

We invite you to work with our highly-skilled multidisciplinary experts to develop the path for your SaaS solution, to transform your idea into a successful solution At the end of the workshop, you will have actionable recommendations and a roadmap with clear definitions of the appropriate technological approach that is relevant for you, from product to operations to ensure a successful SaaS journey.

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