December 6, 2021

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A Commitment to innovation means a Commitment to sharing knowledge.

Last night, Commit's chairman Arik Faingold and VP Product Nogah Miloslavsky Hendler took the time to present to startups who are participating in the prestigious accelerator UpVenture.

They spoke of the challenges and opportunities involved in the development process, especially in the early stages – from pre-seed to Round A funding.

As the R&D supporting partner of the program, Commit is happy to see how Israeli startups continue to innovate and move the market forwards.

We want to thank Lior Cohen CEO of UpVenture for the opportunity and for his kind words:
"Thank you so much Arik, Nogah, Alex and the rest of Commit team for the professional and useful lecture at the UpVenture Accelerator, we received a great feedback about the session and the effective advise during the office hours, your beyond and above effort as well as the valuable knowledge that was delivered to startup teams is most appreciated"

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