July 28, 2021

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More and more organizations are migrating to the cloud. And what may be the most crucial and most sensitive steps in this journey is migrating their data. This requires not only moving databases in a lift-and-shift, but thinking about all the crucial aspects involved, from the business logic, through your data assets through to performance and security.  

Since data handling is highly complex, the risks involved could include many aspects, such as underestimating the resources needed which could easily lead to downtime and increased costs. Insufficient analysis of the conversion and data cleansing scope needed could even create major obstacles to continuous business performance.

To ensure a successful data migration, we have created a 5-day assessment to provide you with a full Database Migration Plan, based on best practices and extensive experience.

Our leading certified data and cloud engineers will plan, assess and prepare the conversion of your on-premises databases to the cloud, using the AWS native migration services, such as Database Migration Service (DMS). Having implemented lift-and-shift database migrations with zero/near-zero downtime for different types and sizes of customers, they know how to plan the migration correctly to ensure business continuity.

From Online Transaction Processing to Data Warehouses, whether transferring from SQL Server or Oracle, MySQL or PostgreSQL, our top professionals will ensure your workloads will migrate successfully and without any impact on the performance or business activity.

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