"Hope is not a Strategy"

Commit is a global tech services company with offices in New York, Israel, Eastern Europe and Latin America.
The company was founded in 2005 and has over 600 multi-disciplinary innovation experts who serve a broad range of companies from small startups to large enterprises in multiple business sectors.

Commit has over 30 Unicorns in its portfolio and offers innovative, end-to-end technology solutions by developing custom software and IoT platforms.

Launched in Q4 2021 in response to the rapidly escalating job supply requirements, Commit's new Cloud of People team-building solution applies the rapid scalability and flexibility seen in cloud technology to provide a risk-free method of quickly building successful development project teams in less than two weeks.

Additionally, Commit’s complete and comprehensive engineering powerhouse of resources and proprietary Flexible R&D methodology helps transform their clients’ technology vision into high-quality products while reducing costs and improving time-to-market. Due to Commit’s ability to rapidly scale resources based on project needs, our larger customers benefit from more efficient staffing, while 91% of our startup customers launch successfully into their market.


Core Values

Maximize Value
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We commit to innovate

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We commit to transparency


Arik FaingoldLinkedin Logo

Arik Faingold

President & Chairman

Company President, Arik Faingold, brings over 15 years of business development experience and expertise in Israel technology sector, combined with a vast knowledge of software design and development and system architecture. Earlier in his career, Arik held the position of CTO and General Manager of Open TV Israel, part of Open TV Global and prior, was the Co-founder and CTO of Betting Corp gaming platforms and real-time transaction management. He holds a BA in Computer Science from the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya and an Executive MBA (cum laude), Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Idan FaingoldLinkedin Logo

Idan Faingold


Idan Faingold co-founded Commit together with Anatoly Koushnir and Ohad Dallal and has served as company CEO since 2005. Idan brings extensive experience from the IT and Communication arena after serving close to a decade in the software unit of the Israeli Air Force where he managed Security and Data Communication. During his tenure in the army, he also held numerous senior management positions, leading large, cutting-edge technology projects. He holds a BA in Computer Science from the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo, where he is also a senior lecturer in the fields of IT and Communication. Idan is also a graduate of the Israel Defense Force’s (IDF) Mamram (Center for Computing and Information Systems).

Max NirenbergLinkedin Logo

Max Nirenberg

CRO & MD North America

As Chief Revenue Officer and Managing Director for North America, Max’s role is to lead and optimize our sales organization, while spearheading strategic management planning for the global account management teams. His background includes 20+ years of sales and sales management experience within numerous market verticals, primarily within IT services and tech. Prior to joining Commit, Max served as the global Chief Sales Officer for the world’s largest pure-play QA organization, and also led the professional services team for a successful sales management consulting practice. His primary focus is to promote client-centricity and align our offerings to every end-client's ultimate business drivers and strategic goals.

Nathan CayzerLinkedin Logo

Nathan Cayzer

Chief Customer Officer

A seasoned professional, Nathan brings over 20 years of experience in the international software market, across multiple verticals. As Commit’s Chief Customer Officer Nathan’s customer-centric approach is focused on strategic planning and execution – ensuring customer success for Commit’s portfolio of international clients. Skilled at bridging the gap between the business-oriented needs of customers and the implementation realities of software engineers, Nathan is closely involved in all phases of customer solutions – from requirement collection, strategy, product definition and design, through to development, testing and deployment. Prior to joining Commit, Nathan held multiple positions with Open TV. When joining Commit he was appointed COO, where he was responsible for strategic customers, product characterization and project implementation worldwide, and later on led the Commit USA center. Nathan holds an Interdisciplinary Honors Program BA from Haifa University.

Amanda TaylorLinkedin Logo

Amanda Taylor

Head of Revenue Operations

As the Head of Revenue Operations, Amanda’s role is to drive predictable revenue and ensure transparency, operational effectiveness and a collaborative culture. Her background includes international experience supporting sales, marketing and operational teams in software development and professional services. In past roles, she has led a major quality assurance vendor’s launch into India while establishing a global PMO, driving adoption of new technologies and running Ameripac-based sales operations, lead generation and business strategy at a top 3 business process outsourcing firm.

Alex SnitkovskyLinkedin Logo

Alex Snitkovsky

Software Division General Manager

In his role at Commit, Alex Snitkovsky is responsible for all of the Software division’s operations, budget management, profit & loss and software development teams. Alex brings vast experience and expertise in managing complex software development environments and projects in multidisciplinary technologies and fields. Prior to joining Commit, he served as Web Business Unit Manager, Playtech and VP R&D and General Manager, Romania and Spain, Alvarion. Alex holds a BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics and an Executive MBA (cum laude), both from Tel Aviv University.

Udi RasiukLinkedin Logo

Udi Rasiuk

Embedded Division General Manager

One of Israel’s leading experts on embedded, real-time and communication systems as well as a renowned senior lecturer in his field, Udi Rasiuk brings years of experience and expertise to Commit, with an emphasis on the security, medicine and Communication sectors. A seasoned professional, Udi’s knowledge focuses on software development, hardware and hardware-software interfaces, combined with extensive experience in management, supervision and control of multiple projects, including quality control and risk management. He holds a BA in Computer Science from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology and an MBA (major in Finance) from Ben Gurion University, Israel.

Nogah Hendler Linkedin Logo

Nogah Hendler

VP Product Management

Nogah brings years of experience in Product management, Product strategy and design to each and every product delivered by Commit. As the VP of Product Management, she leads the development of excellent and diverse software products using agile methodologies, advanced system analysis including complex integrations and UX\UI processes. Under her strategic guidance, using our unique Flexible R&D Delivery model, Nogah's product and design team execute high-end products that fit the design to customer needs. Nogah’s team provides full Product management and design services, including market research, strategy, roadmap management, detailed design and more all while providing companies with the best possible product, without the hassle of running a team or tending to their needs. Nogah is passionate about bringing to life the most amazing products, in a feasible and sustainable way.

Lena Nedorez MezamerLinkedin Logo

Lena Nedorez Mezamer

VP Human Resources

Lena Nedorez Mezamer brings over a decade of experience and expertise in multidisciplinary IT and technological recruitment at all professional levels. In her role as VP HR Manager, Lena is responsible for the entire recruiting process for technical candidates, collaborating and working closely with the company’s management team to best assess and understand their needs. Lena specializes in social media recruitment, networking and online sourcing, executive search, head hunting and detailed professional candidate interviews. In her role, she is also responsible for employee benefits, welfare and work-related education. Prior to joining Commit, Lena served as an HR Coordinator, Yael Software. She holds a BA in Behavioral Sciences from Bar Ilan University and an MBA (Organizational Development and Consulting) from The College of Management Academic Studies, Tel Aviv.

Lior BialikLinkedin Logo

Lior Bialik

CIO / VP Cloud

A seasoned professional, Lior Bialik is an expert in system design and architecture with extensive experience in a range of specialized IT fields. Prior to joining Commit, Lior served as Director of IT Support at OpenTV Israel, where he was responsible for the design, installation and support of complex server farms. Earlier in his career, he held the position of IT Manager, Betting Corp services and technologies, focusing on gaming platforms and real-time transaction management. Lior holds a BA in Computer Science from the Academic College of Tel-Aviv-Yaffo.

Anatoly KoushnirLinkedin Logo

Anatoly Koushnir


Anatoly Koushnir co-founded Commit together with Idan Faingold and Ohad Dallal in 2005 and has since served as the company’s CTO, bringing years of practical and theoretical expertise in IT, Communication and software engineering. Anatoly’s experience is complemented by his long term involvement in a range of innovative telecom projects in Israel and overseas, establishing him as a renowned leader in Israel’s ICT market. Earlier in his career, he served as a software engineer at Elbit Systems and prior, held various senior software and engineering positions in the software unit of the Israeli Air Force. He holds a BSc (cum laude) in Computer Science from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology and is a senior lecturer in ICT at leading industry conferences around the globe.

Golan NahumLinkedin Logo

Golan Nahum

VP Big Data

In his role as CEO & Founder, Golan Nahum is both a senior executive and a highly-knowledgeable technology professional, responsible for customer relations, TWINGO general management, sales, administration and knowledge transfer within the company. The Company was responsible for more than 50 Big Data complex Projects. Golan is a Big Data Architect expert and a Big Data DBA with vast experience in databases, Big Data and project management. Prior to founding TWINGO he held the position of group manager at SRL Group where he managed the database and BI domain in the company and was responsible for large, complex projects in many different Enterprises and Startups. Golan holds a BA in Computer Science, from The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo and an MBA (major in Hi-Tech Management), The College of Management Academic Studies, Tel Aviv.

Adi Yazdi DanenbergLinkedin Logo

Adi Yazdi Danenberg

CMO | VP Marketing

Adi is an accomplished and visionary global marketer with more than two decades of experience leading marketing operations in fast-growing B2B enterprises. Throughout her career, Adi has held marketing management positions in corporates, investment funds, B2B startups, and legal and financial firms, gaining extensive knowledge, experience, and understanding of the global tech industry. As the VP of Marketing of Commit, Adi is responsible for the entire marketing division, working closely with the company’s management team. Adi specializes in developing marketing strategies, communications, branding, and go-to-market strategies, building team structures, and managing budgets for global environments. Prior to joining Commit, Adi served as CMO at Pearl Cohen, Reinhold Cohn, and in management marketing positions at EY, Deloitte, Juganu, and Israel Secondary Fund.

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